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My phone battery is at My phone is at 0% 0% right now. I just listened to New Slang - 2021 Remaster by The Shins. I'm not working at anything on my laptop right now.

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July 10, 2024


In no particular order, here are some things happening in my life right now:

I’ve been studying statistics in my free time. My evenings and weekends go mostly in that. Glasses are now absolutely necessary for me. I often forget them. If I see you on the street and don’t nod or smile in acknowledgement, know that it isn’t out of rudeness but because you’re a blob to me. I’ve been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and Jeremy Brett this year. I’ve re-read the Doyle stories for the 3rd time now. I don’t know what fascinates me about them? This year, I decided to try and get back in touch with old friends from past lives. It’s a process but one I want to do well. I got lucky and found L and A from Montreal (which I left in 2012) and was pleasantly surprised to know that they still remembered me. If we’ve lost touch, I’d love to reconnect with you as well. Please send me an email.

What do I do these days?

Since 2023, I have been working as a full-time web and data visualization developer at Revisual Labs. I make charts, websites and other interactive web thingies on a daily basis.


It's fun, I like it. It marries my interests of making things go brrr and design. I've also been freelancing in similar areas since 2021.

Where you at?

I live in Bangalore. Got my own apartment this year! If you're in town, say hi :)



  1. Graduated with Bachelor's of Design from Srishti. Yelahanka had been my home for four amazing years so it was hard to say goodbye. On the other hand, I had had enough of college. But home is home.
  2. Gurman hired me at Revisual Labs, an information design studio she had just started. It has been an exciting few months.
  3. Searched for apartments, got an apartment. On Twitter of all places. I'll be sharing it with a friend I've known for almost 18 years now.
  4. Stayed at my OG home with family for almost 6 months, a much needed break after college. Watched Seinfeld a lot. Seriously. We can quote specific breaths of air from each episode.
  5. Watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum. Yeah, that was something. Needs its own bullet-point. Gawd.
  6. Hosted a farewell, wrote a thesis.


  1. Interned with Reuters Graphics, which was a huge moment for me. I've been stalking data viz gods on the internet for so long and to be among them? Crazy.
  2. Got my first byline two days after I joined the team for a little chart I made. Watching a breaking news story develop was incredibly exciting. Over the next four months, I would work on various stories in different capacities; from analyzing Brazil election data to visualizing the floods in Pakistan.
  3. My friends and I hosted two major events in college (and may I add, despite college). It was a huge success. The same group would host the farewell next year.
  4. Got bored, started Times of Srishti and accidentally garnered a cult following (faculty included). It was anonymous while I ran it and so it was fun to see people react genuinely to something I had written.
  5. Went to Ooty with two of my best-friends R and S.